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Reccomended Software & Utilities

These are primarily freebie utilities and software packages we often use in the lab.

Screen-Capture Recording Software

  • FastStone Capture - A great little screen snagging and video screen capture software (not free)
  • CamStudio: An easy to use, open-source, video and voice screen capture software.

File/Folder Management & Synchronization

  • AllwaySync - A free and very powerful file & folder synchronization and backup utility
  • Folder Size - A nice utility for simply viewing the size of your folders (something annoyingly that does not show up in any windows explorer utilities)
  • NexusFile - A great alternative to windows explorer that also has FTP capabilities
  • TeraCopy - A fantastically simple, powerful replacement for the default windows file copy and moving utilities, that makes it much easier and more reliable to push big files, directories and data around (you can even pause copy/move operations and verify that they've completed successfully)
  • FolderMatch - A handy file/folder synchronization utility. Not free.
  • EmptyFolderNuker - A free little GUI for deleting empty folders and making up for a bug in FolderMatch
  • Bulk File Rename Utility - A simple but very powerful utility for renaming many files at once
  • Virtual Clone Drive - A utility for mounting ISO images - see here for how to mount an ISO image as a drive. 
  • Magic ISO Viewer - A utility for making ISO images -see here for how to create an ISO image.

Geotagging Imagery

  • RoboGeo - Allows you to sync images from your camera to a GPS tracking log (e.g. from a Garmin) to produced geotagged imagery

Text Editors / Programming

  • Notepad++ -  A free and versatile text-editor
  • UltraEdit - A very powerful text editor (Not Free)
  • cygwin - A Linux Emulator for Windows

Web Editing

  • XENU's Link Sleuth - Enter in a site URL and it will find all the broken links (I know... I know... I should do it for this damn site too!). It doesn't go as far as fixing them!
  • Markup - A handy web utility that allows you to copy code snippets into browser and then it will produce HTML code you can paste into your website that formats the code snippet with proper syntax based on language it was written in. Very handy...

Password Management

  • Last Pass -Keeping track of your passwords is a royal pain in the neck.  LastPass is a secure web-synchronization tool for storing your passwords and auto-fill form information (plugins avaialble for all major browsers). You can share passwords with each other securely using last-pass. 

Typesetting & Graphical

  • TeXnicCenter - A very handy editing environment for LaTex
  • InkScape - A vector graphics drawing program. This is an open-source alternative to Adobe Illustrator or Correl Draw. It is also platform independent.
  • PDF to PNG Converter - A simple application for converting PDFs to *.PNGs images in bulk. This saves you from having to open the PDF in Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat and export it as an image.


Computer Maintenance

  • CCleaner - Tool for cleaning up clutter in Windows.
  • Malwarebytes - A tool for identifying malware and removing it from your computer.