Get a QR Code

If you want to create a QR (Quick Response) code (e.g. for a link to a URL) there are a wide array of free and fee-based services available.  The QR-Code at right is a link to our website. Anyone with a smart-phone can download free QR-Code reader apps and this will link them directly to the site of interest.

Here are a few options for generating your own QR Codes:
  • QR Stuff ( - Lets you create QR Codes for free for websites, YouTube videos, google maps, and many more... They do want to sell you fancier services too (e.g. tracking analytics)
  • - Free QR code generator (static)

In our lab, we try to use QR codes as follows:
  • On posters so people can have a link to a PDF of the poster OR better yet a project page with more information on the research
  • On fact-sheets so people have a link to more information
  • In presentations to make it easier for audience to get more information
  • On flyer announcements