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Idaho Power: TLS Data Analysis

Project Type:  Contract
Project Sponsor:  Idaho Power Company
Project Location: Hells Canyon, Snake River, ID
Status:   Completed

Project Overview

IPC Objective:

Idaho Power Co. (IPC) has collected and will continue to collect point cloud data on natural features and needs to develop improved, defensible ways of analyzing these data sets to evaluate changes in the surfaces through time. Dr. Wheaton has developed and is continuing to develop methods to evaluate point cloud data that may prove useful in IPC’s work.


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Project Outputs

Publications from this Project

  • 2012 (In Prep). Leary RJ, Wheaton J and DeMeurichy KD. RECOMMENDED GEOMORPHIC CHANGE DETECTION PROCEDURES FOR REPEAT TLS SURVEYS FROM HELLS CANYON, IDAHO, Ecogeomorphology and Topographic Analysis Lab, Utah State University, Prepared for Idaho Power, Logan, UT.