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BPA/SFR: Development of CHaMP Transformation Tool

Project Type:  Contract
Project Sponsor:  South Fork Research, Inc.
Project Location: Columbia River Basin / Not Site Specific
Status:   Completed

Project Overview

Purpose of Project:

Welcome to the CHaMP Transformation Tool  (CTT) website. The CTT was developed to support the post-processing workflow for topographic and habitat surveys in the Columbia Habiat Monitoring Program (CHaMP). The tool is an ArcGIS Add-In and when added shows up as a toolbar:



The Ecogemorphology & Topographic Analysis Lab (ET-AL) and the RSGIS Laboratory developed this ArcGIS Add-in for the transformation and projection of CHaMP field survey data (Bouwes et al. 2011) into real world coordinates given hand-held GPS coordinates from just three benchmarks.  The CTT will work with any unprojected data in a file geodatabase, and gives you multiple ways to do an afine transformation based on a simple shift and rotation. Although other transformation tools exist in ArcGIS, there is not a simple sequence of geoprocessing tools, which allow you to transform vector data in a manner that preserves the high relative accuracy of a total station survey. See Wheaton et al. (2012) and the ReadMe page for more background.

Abstract Figure of Process from Wheaton et al. (In Press) © 2012

Significance of Project:

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