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Nicole Czarnomski

Current Affiliation: ESA
Current Title: Geomorphologist & Hydrologist
USU Job Title: Post Doctoral Research Associate
Primary Former USU Affiliation: Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation & Restoration
Secondary USU Affiliations:

Utah State University
Watershed Sciences Department
5210 Old Main Hill
Logan UT 84322-5210

Office:  QL 202

Staff Profile

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2010 PhD Water Resource Engineering, Water Resources Program, Oregon State University
  • 2004 MS Forest Science, Department of Forest Science, College of Forestry, Oregon State University
  • 1998 BS Natural Resources and Environment, School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan


Utilizing Geomorphic Change Detection Software to explore changes to sandbar-eddy complexes on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.


Nicole Czarnomski, was a post doctoral research scientist for the ET-AL at Utah State University in 2012-2013.


Scholarly Contributions

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Czarnomski, N.M., D. Tullos, R.E. Thomas, and A. Simon. Shear stress and turbulence along a streambank due to changes in vegetation canopy density and bank angle. J. Hydr. Eng. in review
  • Czarnomski, N.M., D.M. Dreher, J.A. Jones, and F.J. Swanson. 2008. Dynamics of wood in stream networks of the western Cascades Range, Oregon. Can. J. For. Res. 38: 2236–2248.
  • Bond, B.J., N.M. Czarnomski, C.Cooper, M.E. Day, and S. Greenwood. 2007. Developmental decline in height growth in Douglas-fir. Tree Physiology: 27.
  • Czarnomski, N.M., G.W. Moore, T.G. Pypker, J. Licata, and B.J. Bond. 2005. Precision and accuracy of three alternative instruments for measuring soil water content in two forest soils of the Pacific Northwest. Can. J. For. Res. 35: 1867:1876.

Select Conference Papers, Presentations & Posters

  • Presentation: 2010. Czarnomski, NM., Augerot, X., Reeve, T. “Rethinking strategy for monitoring long-term restoration results,” co-presented at the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Biennial Conference, Pendleton, OR.
  • Session convener and poster: 2009. Czarnomski, N.M., Tullos, D., Thomas, RE., and Simon, A. 2009. “Influence of vegetation density and projected area on streambank hydraulics,” Poster at the 2009 Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco, CA, EP23C-0650. Co-convener of oral and poster sessions: Vegetation and fluvial processes: Research and application in fluvial geomorphology.
  • Paper and poster: Czarnomski, N.M. 2009. "Influence of vegetation density and projected area on streambank hydraulics," Proceedings of 33rd IAHR Congress, Aug. 9-14, 2009.
  • Presentation:  2007.Czarnomski, NM., Dreher, DM., Jones, JA., and Swanson, FJ. “Landscape-scale dynamics of wood in stream networks of the western Cascades, Oregon,” presented at the Association of American Geographers annual meeting, San Francisco, CA.
  • Presentation: 2007. Czarnomski, NM. “An Experiment in Interdisciplinary Collaboration,” presented for the Ecosystem Informatics winter seminar series, Corvallis, OR.
  • Presentation: 2002. Czarnomski, NM., Dreher, DM., Jones, JA., and Swanson, FJ. “Effects of harvest and roads on in-stream wood abundance in Blue River Basin, Cascades, OR,” presented at the Research Advances in Fisheries, Wildlife and Ecology annual meeting, Corvallis, OR.


  • Sarr, D., D. Odion, D. Hibbs, J. Weikel, R. Gresswell, R. Bury, N. Czarnomski, R. Pabst, J. Shatford, and A. Moldenke. 2005. Riparian Zone Forest Management and the Protection of Biodiversity: A Problem Analysis. Technical Bulletin No. 908. National Center for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI), Inc. Research Triangle Park, N.C. 107 pp plus appendices.