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Konrad Hafen

Job Title: Graduate Research Assistant
Primary Affiliation: Department of Watershed Sciences
Secondary Affiliation: Ecogeomorphology & Topographic Analysis Lab

Utah State University
Watershed Sciences Department
5210 Old Main Hill, NR 210
Logan UT 84322-5210

Office:  JQL 222


  • 2017 MS. Watershed Sciences, Utah State University (Expected)
  • 2014 BS. WIldlife Science: Minors - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Fisheries Science. Utah State University


My research interests focus on watershed, fisheries, wildlife management, especially how spatial analysis and remote sensing can be applied to monitoring habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species. I am also interested in using existing data (or gathering data) to create large scale spatial models that can be applied to a variety of regions to inform management and planning decision. Currently,  I am working to model the ability of beaver dams to affect the storage and timing of spring runoff in the western United States where changing climatic regimes may have great influences on water delivery and availability. 


Konrad Hafen, graduated with a bachelor's degree from Utah State University in 2014 majoring in wildlife science with minors in GIS and fisheries science. His professional experience includes a variety of fish and wildlife monitoring, GIS and spatial analysis, and geospatial programming. Most recently Konrad worked as the primary developer of the MoRPHED morphodynamic model with PhD student Alan Kasprak. His main interests include developing spatial models that can be used to inform management for different landscapes and species at various spatial scales. 


Scholarly Contributions

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Hafen, K., and P. Budy. 2015. Agonisitic behavior between three trout species commonly stocked in Utah reservoirs. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 35:551-556. 
  • Hafen, K., and D. N. Koons. In review. Factors affecting intraspecific brood parasitism in Wood Ducks of the Intermountain West. The Condor: Ornithological Applications.
  • Ruprecht, J. S., K. R. Hersey, K. Hafen, K. L. Monteith, N. J. Decesare, M. J. Kauffman, and D. R. MacNulty. In review. The relationship between body condition and pregnancy in moose (Alces alces shirasi) at their southern range limit. Journal of Mammalogy.

Conference Papers, Presentations & Posters


  • Budy, P., L. Winters, G. P. Thiede, K. Hafen, and B. Roholt. 2013. Scofield Reservoir predator-prey interactions: investigating the roles of interspecific interactions and forage availability on the performance of three predatory fishes. 2013 Interim Progress Report to the Utah Division of Wildllife Resources. UTCFWRU 2013 (2): 1-99.