Matthew Meier

Job Title: Surveyor and Geospatial Analyst
Primary Affiliation: Department of Watershed Sciences
Secondary Affiliation: Ecogeomorphology & Topographic Analysis Lab

Utah State University
Watershed Sciences Department
5210 Old Main Hill, NR 210
Logan UT 84322-5210

Office:  JQL 147


  • 2016 BS Watershed and Earth Systems. Minors in Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and Fisheries Science. Utah State University


Matthew is interested in discovering more about the management of watersheds, conservation techniques, and the corresponding ecosystems. He has a passion for watershed management, and it is important for him to have the involvement of people in the process. Understanding the effects of hydrology on the landscape intrigues him and he is excited to contribute to this understanding through surveying techniques.


Matthew Meier is working as a Surveyor and Geospatial Analyst for the ET-AL at Utah State University. He has recently graduated from Utah State University in Watershed and Earth Systems. In efforts to be well rounded in the many tasks that hydrologists he acquired minors in Geographic Information Systems and Fisheries Science. He has contributed to past and ongoing research with the RSGIS lab and Lake Ecology Lab at Utah State University. These projects include the Carbon Budget and Sage Grouse Habitat Projects with the RSGIS lab, and the project being conducted to understand relationships between lake level and population dynamics for fishes in Bear Lake Utah/Idaho for the Lake Ecology lab. While working for the ET-AL he will be starting graduate school in the spring (2017) in the Civil and Environmental department at Utah State University with an emphasis in Hydrology and Water Resources. In his time not at the office or in the field he spends his time fishing, waterfowl hunting, mountain biking, kayaking, or working on his family’s ranch.


  • ETAL and FHC lab support
  • Collecting and coordinating topographic and habitat data for various locations for the ET-AL Lab
    • Bridge Creek, Oregon (2016)
    • San Rafael, Utah (2016)
  • Valley bottom editing for watersheds throughout the Columbia River Basin