Jordan Gilbert

Job Title: GIS technician and researcher

Utah State University
Watershed Sciences Department
5210 Old Main Hill, NR 210
Logan UT 84322-5210

Office:  ECC 102


  • 2015 BS. Watersheds and Earth Systems. Minor - Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Utah State University. 


I am interested in research at the nexus of hydrology, geomorphology and aquatic ecology.  My research interests are centered around the relations between physical processes of streams, and their effect on the ecological processes and characteristics.  I am particularly interested in these dynamics in areas with cold-water habitat that supports salmonids.  I am also interested in the use of geospatial data and GIS for habitat modelling and analysis.  


Jordan will be graduating this Spring (2015) with a bachelor's degree in watershed science.  He has worked with the Fluvial Habitat Center as an undergrad technician since Fall of 2013.  He has also worked seasonally during his undergraduate education as a fisheries technician for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.    He is an avid fly fisherman, and also enjoys climbing and skiing. 


  • Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool (BRAT) for the state of Utah
  • Colorado Plateau Ecoregion (CPE) NHD coding validation
  • Colorado Plateau Ecoregion valley bottom mapping and riparian condition assessment
  • BRAT for Adirondack State Park in New York