Spring 2015 - Ecogeomorphic Disturbance

The spring 2015 semester marks the start of a two-part reading group theme: 1. ecogeomorphic disturbance (spring 2015) and 2. ecogeomorphic restoration (fall 2015) throughout varying scales (i.e., basin to stream). Every month an ET AL lab member will lead a paper discussion (see blue dates below). Please let us know if you are interested in leading additional reading groups! The ecology center speaker schedule is also included with dates in green.

 Date (Tuesday)Paper Discussion Lead Meeting LocationTime
14/15 Jan. Ecology Center Speaker - Hope Jahren  -ENGR 1016 PM/ 4 PM

20 Jan.
 Schmidt et al. 2011

The Question of Communist Land Degradation: New Evidence from Local Erosion and Basin-Wide Sediment Yield in Southwest China and Southeast Tibet


White Owl

7 PM

17 Feb.
 Dufour et al. 2015

How do river dynamics and human influences affect the landscape pattern of fluvial corridors?  Lessons from the Magra River, Central-Northern Italy


White Owl

6:30 PM
25/26 Feb. Ecology Center Speaker - Tom Hobbs -ENGR 101 6 PM/ 4 PM


24 Mar.
 Roy et al. 2003

Habitat-specific responses of stream insects to land cover disturbance: biological consequences and monitoring implications



25/26 Mar. Ecology Center Speaker - Ann Kinzig -ENGR 103 6 PM/ 4 PM

21 Apr.
 Merritt and Bateman 2012

Linking stream flow and groundwater to avian habitat in a desert riparian system



The Owl

6 PM
 22/23 Apr. Ecology Center Speaker - Robert Holt  ENGR 103 6 PM/ 4 PM