Hydrogeomorphic Processes Across Multiple Domains: Non-stationary Norms and Shifting Baselines

During the fall of 2014, there will be five scheduled Tuesday evening reading groups (one approximately every two to three weeks) continuing on the theme of 2014: hydrogeomorphic processes across multiple domains. This semester, the focus will be on process non-stationarity and shifting baselines in response to global change, broadly defined. Global change could be any natural or anthropogenic event that shapes the timing, intensity and frequency of hydrogeomorphic processes, from climate-driven precipitation regimes to watershed management for grazing, logging, etc..

Each ET-AL student in residence in Logan is responsible for leading one paper discussion during the semester. Joe will also lead a paper discussion. Papers should be selected at least one week prior to reading group meeting and shared via this website and via email to the larger reading group (ask Nate for the most up-to-date list). 

All weeks are currently available except 16 September (Mahogany Creek restoration installation)

Meeting frequency will taper prior to snowboard/ski season the Thanksgiving holiday and American Geophysical Union meeting. Ecology Center speakers, many of whom might be of interest to our group (especially Ruckleshaus, Moore and Grace) are also noted below in blue

 Date (Tuesday)Paper Discussion Lead Meeting Location Notes
 26 August 2014 Wolman and Gerson (1978), Relative Scales of Time and Effectiveness of Climate in Watershed Geomorphology Alan Joe's

7 PM, Includes BBQ

 2 September 2014 

 11 September 2014 Fryirs 2012 ESPL - River Styles Joe Elements 7pm
 17-18 September 2014 Ecology Center speaker - Jeremy Fox NA http://www.usu.edu/ecology/htm/seminar-series/ecology-center-seminar-seriesWed/Thursday evening talks
 23 September 2014  
 30 September 2014Montgomery 1999 JAWRA
Coopersmith 2014 WRR
 Nate The Beehive - drink specials and poorly played college football in the background 630pm
 1-2 October 2014Ecology Center speaker - Mary Ruckleshaus  NAhttp://www.usu.edu/ecology/htm/seminar-series/ecology-center-seminar-series Wed/Thursday evening talks
 7 October 2014    
 14 October 2014

 21-22 October 2014 None - Keynote talks by Bob Beschta (OSU), Heida Diefenderfer (Battelle PNW Lab) and Dave Merritt (USFS/CSU)
ET-AL Students are highly encouraged to attend
Restoring the West Conference Eccles Conference Center ET-AL/FHC students and staff presenting riparian research both days
October 2014
Grant et al. 2003
Merritt and Wohl 2006
 BeccaBull's Head 7 PM
 4 November 2014    
 5-6 November 2014 Jonathan Moore NAhttp://www.usu.edu/ecology/htm/seminar-series/ecology-center-seminar-series Wed/Thursday evening talks
 11 November 2014  
 18 November 2014 Wilcox and Shafroth 2013 Martha   Beehive Grill 7 PM
 3-4 December 2014 Ecology Center speaker - James Grace  NAhttp://www.usu.edu/ecology/htm/seminar-series/ecology-center-seminar-series Wed/Thursday evening talks